~On-line Comedy Radio Podcast Madness~


Recorded LIVE in a tank,
@ jriiiFM studios, NSW Australia.
featuring Radio Hosts -

JRIII + Steph B
& our Crazy Industrial Mascot
REXY the Octopus!

Featuring Entertainment News,
Trivia, plus useless facts,
info & other tasty Radio madness,
with added comedic bits
AND real rockin' music!

If you have any questions
or want to submit music,
or just want to be an Advertiser,
then please send us a spicy email
Thanx a million & Keep listening....

Main Voices    JRIII / Steph B / TC / MB
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All Weather Writing    Sir Micky Brock
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Cheese Slices from   Da Corner Shop!
Tech. Plug-ins & Setup   JRIII / Gordo S.
Most Life Support by   2 Famous Colas
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"China-Town" Lyrics   The Queen / The Man
"China-Town Production   JRIII / The Queen
Lottery Machine FX   Rexy / TC
Sushi can Be Fatal !!!   So... Dont Eat It!
All Da Funky Bass Lines    TC
Rude Tentacle Bits   REXY the Octopus!
TC is a certified legend   I Swear...!
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